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    Moneydance network synchronizer download

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    Moneydance network synchronizer

    The Network Synchronizer Extension is no longer needed, nor available I've been using Moneydance since and syncing with Dropbox. I purchased Moneydance from the app store and would like to synch with my iphone 5. It says in the manual that I need to download the above. We have discontinued support for the Network Synchronizer extension, and it is not compatible with the latest version of Moneydance.

    Setting my system up. Got Moneydance for iPhone. But when I go to Manage Extensions there is no "Network Synchroniser" extension to load. The Network Synchronizer is only necessary if your attempting to sync to set up syncing between Moneydance and your mobile device. You can check this within Moneydance by navigating to Moneydance --> About Moneydance. The network synchronizer extension has been.

    I am trying to sync Moneydance between my computer (OS X el Capitan) with my iPad Pro. When I try to install the "network synchronizer,". Moneydance allows you to sync your files seamlessly and efficiently across folder (like Dropbox, Network Share, etc) before following the steps below. (Please note: If you were using the Network Sync extension on any previous versions of Moneydance, you will need to uninstall the extension. Do not use these instructions to sync with Moneydance to Desktop, etc) anytime you have internet (or cellular data network) access.