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    Flutomat. Cents. Diameter. Distance. Spacing. f0 (Hz). Cutoff (Hz). Blow hole. Finger hole 1. Finger hole 2. Finger hole 3. Finger hole 4. Finger hole 5. I see the flutomat site is down, and the only site hosting them currently has the data wrong. (I know this because it's saying a D4 flute, with 1/8". I visited flutomat but it does not give the tuning hole size and distance does it? I crafted one with the help of flutomat but it did not come out well.

    Flutomat, by Pete Kosel, and TWCalc by Daniel Bingamon. Both of these authors were kind enough to allow me to copy their algorithms for use in this program. Flutomat ./) 7-hole C5 Cents Diameter Distance Spacing f0 (Hz) Cutoff (Hz) Blow hole. though this is only a rough approximation. If you just want to calculate, or need to check your calculations, then see the flutomat javascript by Pete Kosel.

    Rules for placing and tuning fingerholes on a simple flute. Flutomat. Original Mix. $ Link: Embed: Artists Andreas Seeber. Release. $ Length ; Released ; BPM ; Key A min; Genre Techno .